Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry (Octubre 1926 – Marzo 2017), un artista fundador del Rock n’ Roll.

Johnny B. Goode, para mi una de sus mejores canciones, viaja en la misión espacial “Voyager” en el “Disco de Oro” que contiene información de nuestro planeta. Aquí les dejo un minuto de interpretación colegial para que puedan escucharla:

– Gaetano Dellepiane

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Latin Grammy Awards

The time for the 17th anual Latin Grammy has arrived! It is organised by the Latin Recording Academy, which is an international, membership-based organization comprised of Spanish & Portuguese speaking recording artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, and other creative and technical recording professionals, honouring excellence in the recorded arts & sciences and improving distribution and cultural condition for Latin music and its makers.
What I’ve liked the most of this year’s Latin Grammy Awards is that in the song “Mi Canto Viene del Sur” by “Las Tres Grandes”, Tania Libertad mentions Peruvian genres like Landó and Zamacueca, which you can hear in the presentation. You can watch it now live streamed.
(Image: – © 2016)


– Gaetano Dellepiane